Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sensory Overload (In a good way)

As I listen to the Wonders of life background music loop I just obtained, I remember a place that can no longer be visited. Yes, the Wonders of Life Pavillion, but more specifically the Sensory Funhouse. These interactive displays were my favorite part of the pavillion. There was the touch exhibit, featuring a hot pipe, a cold pipe, and a room tempurature pipe. You would put one hand on the hot and cold, and then both on the nuetral for quite a strange sensation. Another favorite of mine was the hearing station. After putting on the headphones and hearing what sounded like rain, I was suprised to learn it was bacon sizziling away on a pan. Till this day I still think of this whenever cooking bacon. Last but definitely not least, were the Disneyland virtual tour cycles. You would think that walking around the World Showcase Lagoon a couple times would leave guests too exhausted to use a stationary bicycle, but I kept a little gas in the tank to get a unique tour of Disneyland. Suffice it to say, I sorely miss the Wonders of Life Pavillion.